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Success Through Innovation And Networking, By Youssef Fayez

Posted by Léa Ferrand on Jan 26, 2016 10:47:22 AM

Youssef Fayez, Beeleever & CEO of Les Concierges Egypt, first corporate concierge service in Egypt, tells us how he built an innovative company in his country, with the help of his network.

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Doing Business In The Czech Republic

Posted by Florence Hocquet on Jan 11, 2016 5:01:24 PM

Ondrej Svoboda, Beeleever & CEO of French Commerce in The Czech Republic, explains how the market works! 

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Elected As World's Best Place To Do Business By The World Bank, Singapore Is An Excellent Hub For Business Creation

Posted by Florence Hocquet on Nov 25, 2015 11:53:28 AM

Singapore, often labelled as the Switzerland of Asia, has always been an attractive business destination with its pro-business environment, attractive taxation, labor availability at a reasonable cost, innovation in many sectors, and high quality of life.

Singapore has more than 5 million people, half of them foreigners with an increasing number of French - 13,000 at the last census (based on from self-declarations at the Consulate only, the actual figure is most likely higher). The French School of Singapore has 2,800 students this year, second only to London. These are undeniable signs of the vitality of the French community in Singapore, which has doubled in size in the past 7 years.

So how to start and run a business in this Switzerland of Asia? David Chambat, Beeleever & CEO of, shares his tips!

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What You Should Know About Doing Business In Canada

Posted by Raphaelle Butteau on Nov 18, 2015 6:14:18 PM

Canada (12th largest GDP in the world and home to 35 million people) stretches over 5,500 kilometers and 4 time zones. It is a federation of 13 semi-autonomous provinces and territories (local government, legislative assemblies and specific laws). The country is officially bilingual, though the majority of the population is Anglophone whereas Quebec is mostly Francophone. Canada has a 8,900 kilometer-long common border with the USA, its largest trading partner.

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