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How To Be Two Steps Ahead Of Your Competitors?

Posted by Florence Hocquet on Jan 6, 2016 4:53:56 PM

Nate Watson, Beeleever & CEO of CanWorkSmart, explains how to anticipate demand to always be two steps ahead of your competitors!


What Is CanWorkSmart?

CanWorkSmart, is a predictive analytics company, which was created in 2008. We help companies use the data they collect to be tactical and interactive with their customers. 90% of our business is in the United States but we are in touch with a Welsh company called SERIA, which makes trend analysis for us. And we also worked in Scotland and Japan. 

What Is Your Newest Project? 

In August, we launched a brand new project called TEKNIKER, which is a program that could predict engine failure based on oil analysis. This is something completely new that could revolutionize the way we interact. 

Do You Plan To Expand Abroad?  

Yes, five years from now, we plan to go somewhere in the European Union. Wales is our first choice but we are open to other options such as France, Spain, United Kingdom or Norway. 

What Is Your Advice To Beeleevers Who Want To Analyze People's Behaviour?

First, you should find a professional data scientist. Indeed analyzing data can be tricky. Besides, this person will understand the issues better than you and help you understand how to improve your strategy. 
Second, be open-minded! Sales marketing is reaction, while implementing a predictive sales marketing analysis is proaction. Being proactive is an art that you have to cultivate. Being open to changes is how you will be proactive and how you will be two steps ahead from your competitors! 


As An Entrepreneur, Have You Faced Some Issues? How Did You Overcome Them?

We've grown fast and we've grown slow. It is sometimes difficult to tell your employees that you may not be able to give them a regular paycheck. The inconsistency of the flow of money was the most difficult thing to understand. So, I tried to be as transparent as I could with my employees and told the truth. 
The money problem was solved thanks to investors who believed in our project. 


What Was The Biggest Mistake You Made?

We did not hire people with the right culture. We first thought skills were the most important asset to consider when hiring someone. We soon realized we had to pick people who believed in our project, and more importantly who understood our culture because otherwise, it's a hazard. Team is everything! 


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