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Posted by Léa Ferrand on Jan 20, 2016 4:46:32 PM


  • January 2016: 2 100 Beeleevers in 205 countries // January 2015: 350 Beeleevers in 24 countries
  • 80% of its community is international
  • A fundraising to establish its development: 1st semester of 2016
  • Objective end of 2016: 10 000 Beeleevers throughout the world
Paris, January 6th, 2016. Beeleev, co-accelerator for entrepreneurs looking to conquer crucial new markets, shows very positive results for the past year and plans on growing even more in 2016. Indeed, for the beginning of this year, the network is composed of 2.100 registered companies, in 205 countries. This compares to January 2015, when the Beeleevers were only 350, in 24 countries. The community keeps growing, and the new objective is 10.000 members by the end of 2016. In order to reach that goal, Beeleev plans on doing a fundraising for the first quarter of 2016.
Few figures for 2015:
  • 2 100 entrepreneurs in 205 countries:
  • 40% in Europe, 30% in America (North and South), 18% in Asia and the Pacific, 7% in the Middle East and 5% in Africa.
  • 80% of the entrepreneurs come from outside of France
  • The average sales revenue of the Beeleevers is €3M.
  • Beeleev has physical offices in Paris, New York, Omaha (NE), and Montreal.
  • More than 50 relevant connection requests per month to promote the entrepreneurs’ International Development.
  • 9 key accounts partners (BNP Paribas, Vinci, Orange, Géopost, Galeries Lafayette, Jean-Paul Guisset, Victanis, Edenway, CMS Francis Lefebvre).
End of 2016: 10 000 Beeleevers
End of 2018: 150 000 Beeleevers
1st quarter of 2016: fundraising to establish Beeleev’s international development.
“Beeleev clears up a path for entrepreneurs, no matter where they are from. They know the difficulty of succeeding alone, so they need a network that they trust, where they can exchange with their peers. They bring each other tremendous intel to conquer international markets, which is Beeleev’s core vocation” says Hugues FRANC, President and Founder of Beeleev. 
Internationalizing your business became strategic for a wild number of companies, looking for new market penetration and development. This became essential for their growth. Beyond the language differences, implementing and developing a business abroad, remains hard. Indeed, the legal, social or fiscal environment are always different, and more complex than your own national market. All CEOs face the same challenges, no matter their nationality, or their cultural differences.
This is what lead Hugues Franc to create the Beeleev network, in June 2013. Beeleev is the first international collaborative platform of entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. They help each other in their international development. The network forges connections between entrepreneurs who want to do business together, exchange “tips and tricks” in different fields of activity, create long lasting partnerships, or just find the next innovation. Hugues Franc’s wish, is to spur business relationships, and the exchange of expertise between entrepreneurs and the Beeleev’s community. Beeleev gives you the most relevant and adapted contacts, and acts like a trusting facilitator to create the best interactions on every channel (forums, Skype conversations, videoconferences etc.).
These connections are not only virtual, as the human is at the center of Beeleev’s vision, networking events take place, at least once a month, and gather entrepreneurs in the flesh. Learning expeditions abroad are also organized to tackle foreign market with experience.
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About Beeleev
Beeleev, created in 2013 by Hugues Franc, is a collaborative network that regroups promising entrepreneurs wanting to expand their businesses abroad. The community is made out of CEOs who face the same challenges, who can discuss specific issues, find commercial partners or just ask for advice. Beeleev clusters 2 100 entrepreneurs in 205 countries on 5 continents. The network has already the support of great and young French CEOs such as Michel de Rovira from Michel&Augustin, Gauthier Machelon of Multiposting, and Didier Rappaport de Happn. Beeleev is backed up, not only by young growing companies, but also through established corporations such as Orange, Galeries Lafayette, Vinci, BNP Paribas, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre, Geopost, Jean-Paul Guisset and Gensse & Associates, Edenway and Victanis. Today, the network spreads its premises and implantation to the United States of America.
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Agence Point Virgule / Annabel Verrier
01 73 79 50 59 / [email protected]


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