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Success Through Innovation And Networking, By Youssef Fayez

Posted by Léa Ferrand on Jan 26, 2016 10:47:22 AM

Youssef Fayez, Beeleever & CEO of Les Concierges Egypt, first corporate concierge service in Egypt, tells us how he built an innovative company in his country, with the help of his network.

What is Les Concierges Egypt?

Les Concierges Egypt specializes in work/life balance as well as employees loyalty. Between sending a lifestyle manager to your offices, providing support from our back office and delivering hands-on services through our field team, we are able to offer every employee 999 services. Because of that commitment, employees are able to give their best during their working days. We give our employees the opportunity to have a personal assistant, who helps them for their administrative tasks, and that is why they are loyal. Our services vary from travel to bill payments and government red tape. We also offer employees services that extend to their private life, such as car care, home care so that they can better focus on their work, while their private life becomes smoother.


Why is your business innovative? 

Les Concierges Egypt is the first company in the country to raise awareness on the benefits an employee can obtain. Thus, it ensures loyalty.  In the Egyptian culture, people think that receiving cash as a reward has always been the custom. We are also creating the first phone app in the region. This app will make it possible for the customers to interact with the company, anywhere and anytime. 

How was your project born?

I have traveled a lot as my family owned a travel agency for almost 60 years. However, because of the Egyptian context in 2010, tourists stopped coming to Egypt. That is why I needed to find a new project in which I could use my existing network and infrastructure. My objective was to use my skills and expertise to assist Egyptians, instead of waiting for tourists to come back. I heard about the concierge service concept and I knew it was the perfect project for me. My business network has been a great help since the begining and is still the most valuable asset for my business right now. 

How is this network business currently helping you?

Actually, my company is in the midst of a full expansion and through my network I am able to meet the right people and the right companies. Indeed, my contacts allowed me to get easily in touch with an NGO that helps startups grow, and an other organization promoting entrepreneurial ideas and execution.


Do you have an advice for the Beeleevers?

You need to believe 100% in yourself and in your business. If you do not, then stop now, because launching your company is one of the hardest challenge you can face. But, engagement is what keeps you going and what makes success appreciated and valued. If your business is already thriving, I think it is important to remain humble, down to earth and to appreciate the people who are working with you day and night, to ensure success.


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