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Jeff's Nonprofit Start-up: A Story Of Social Committment

Posted by Léa Ferrand on Apr 26, 2016 4:30:00 PM

Jean-François Carré, Founder at EcoDreams, shares with his team the belief that each and everyone of us has the power, to get the best results and to change and develop his environment. In a time of unregulated profit search and overconsumption...they have chosen a totally different way : the thinking one, the way of sharing, the way of comon ambitions. This collective incubator gathers indie professionnals as well as passionates together, all equally optimistic, committed and creative… Together, they accompagny "hidden talents", artists who are able to brighten the artistic and cultural landscape, both on the substance and on the form.

How did you come up with the idea of EcoDreams?
In 2014, following to a speech of Luc Simonet, founder of Optimistan (a project dedicated to promoting optimism and enthusiasm as life philosophy), I wanted, as the founder of EcoDreams, our environment to evolve around our creativity, our network, and our energy. With the help of artists, present in Canada, Reunion Islands, Belgium, France, and the USA (we have a fierce capability for ubiquity), we produce documentaries with sensible content. For example, by launching the first project on a lady, survivor of the Cambodian genocide.
What does make your project unique?
EcoDreams has a multimodal exploitation system for producing original cinedocumentaries. In order to share these works, created by a network of artists and independent professionals, we are present on online networks and tries to get in events that can bring them a better visibility. Festivals and other diffusions in theatres and traditional canals are ways to give greater publicity. Every movie is turned into books, and the music is edited on a specific format.
Every content is also broadcasted online, thanks to social networks and our hard work on paid referencing and Public Relations. Our strategy is to work digitally, as EcoDreams wants to reach a specific audience like politics and other involved associations. This our first step before targeting the mass. A large part of the profits will be given to the NGOs, partners of the movie production.
What are the main challenges when launching such a company?
Our principal challenge is to make our Non-Profit model sustainable. Today, we need to find sponsors and business angels, other than the founder. It is essential for us, to amplify the impact of the projects that we wish to support.
In order to convince the potential sponsors, we set up a guidance cell to help the projects grow and also to help the initiators of such projects. On the other hand, we launched an explanatory website that would present and empower the projects with a background.
Our Crowd Funding campaign is another tremendous challenge. This experience taught us that it was easier to market the pre-sale of the project rather than trying to bring contributors in the economic model.

My advice is to have passion, you’ll have money later!  

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