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How Does Game Of Thrones Help You Be A Better Entrepreneur?

Posted by Guillaume Cartier on Apr 29, 2016 5:02:11 PM

Having a break is tremendously important for entrepreneurs to recharge and have some rest. What’s better than watching a T.V show at home? Last week Game Of Thrones season premiere was aired so don’t wait and go watch it. It may even help you decide which type of preneur you are. As an entrepreneur, it can even help you for your business, and Beeleev knows it! Here are four lessons to learn from your beloved characters. No worries, No spoilers (yes, we hate them too).

#1 Learn from mentors

Building a startup is hard. You have to consider a lot of aspects (legal, financial, management etc.). Building an empire like our dear Daenerys of House Targaryen (the first of her name, Queen of Meereen and the Andals, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, and so on), is trying to do in GOT, is not an easy task either.

You cannot be the best in all the business area. That is why you need to learn from mentors. When you start being an entrepreneur, all is new and you do not have enough experience to make all the important choice. It is always better to listen to people and experts who have already been in your position.


#2 Knowledge is power

When you are an entrepreneur, you need to know everything about your market. You also need to know who your clients are. But in the end, you need to know your competition and the threats that may arise in the near future so you can be prepared to everything that may happen.

In GOT, knowing your enemies (your competition) makes all the difference. Cersei has so much power thanks to her spies who provide her with premium dirt on her competition. We can also take the example of Varys. Thanks to his little birds he has knowledge of everything that is happening throughout the whole kingdom.

Are these two dead? At least not during season 5.

Knowledge is real power.


#3 Adapt yourself

Being an entrepreneur requires adaptability and you, to be a pivot. Adapting yourself to the situation, whether it is good or bad, can help you grow your company. Indeed, if you are able to identify where your business does badly, you can adapt your strategy to make it better.

Petyr Baelish (LittleFingers) definitely knows that and it is probably why he is still alive. He was able to adapt to so many situations throughout the show. He changed his alliances, he found new allies etc.


#4 Find good partnerships

Starting a business alone is difficult and scary so you need to surround yourself with the right partners. Beyond the moral support, they can provide expertise, perks, help on the day-to-day business actions… You need to find the right person to help you, even people that you might no have thought of.

In GOT the master of making partners is our beloved Jon Snow. He was forced to make partnerships with people he did not like in order to ensure the greater good. He understood that these partners were the key to his success (or failure) and it is crucial in business, and in war.


Now that you have read the lessons you can get from watching GOT, what are you waiting for? Go watch it! Have a nice moment, and do not waste time like Jon Snow finding partners, Beeleev will find them for you!

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