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Yseulys Costes, Journey Of A French Digital Marketer In The Silicon Valley

Posted by Léa Ferrand on May 23, 2016 4:25:36 PM

Yseulys Costes, CEO & Founder of 1000 mercis Group – CRM programmatic expert with more than 400 people employed worldwide listed in the stock exchange – welcomed the Beeleevers at her place in Palo Alto to exchange with them and give insights on data in the Silicon Valley. Here is a bribe of the “Internet Woman of the Year 2001” successful career.

After starting her career as a Researcher at Paris Dauphine, HEC, ESSEC, Yseulys took part in research programs with the laboratory of marketing in the Harvard Business School and  published several academic papers about the crossing of data mining and interactive marketing, she founded 1000mercis in 2000, and has been the Chairwoman, Chief Executive Office since then.

The idea behind 1000mercis was to take advantage of data to better address consumers’ desires. According to Yseulys, this is why the 3 key words that best define their activities are: people-oriented, programmatic, incremental.

In 2014, she launched Numberly in NY and Palo Alto to tackle the American market, but above all, as a story of passion: passion for innovation, passion for data marketing, and passion for growth. To sum up, pragmatism, innovation, simplicity, transfer of knowledge and kindness are the core values of this ambitious project.       

This advertising and interactive marketing pioneer, decided to move to the Silicon Valley (Palo Alto) because there, the concentration of talents, innovation and the energy is outstanding and unique. The team wanted to take advantage of this and use it to help their clients in Europe and in the US. Moreover, their positioning around Big Data is ideal. They could not expect better experience to increase their knowledge and always stay at the cutting edge of technology.

But implanting a business in this vibrant region is not an easy dream. All along this expatriate experience, Yseulys identified the most important things to consider. If you plan to do the same, you should:  

Understand the scale, scale, scale…
Accept that everything is different
Express your Value Proposition clearly
Enjoy the difference, learn and be flexible!

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